Venture Studio Amsterdam

Stop Talking.
Start doing!


We help you grow your business by providing the necessary tools to succeed.

It sounds so simple: cost of acquisition < lifetime value = success. However, as a start-up you’re facing completely different challenges than an established brand. People don’t know your brand, so why should they trust you and buy from you. You don’t have huge media budgets to reach potential customers. And most important, you probably cannot hire all the marketing and sales skills needed.

That’s where we come in. Bored of Advisors helps you grow your brand and your business. Our experts fill in the gaps within your start-up. They know how to increase your sales and brand awareness with smaller budgets. And they don’t just advise you how to do things. They do it for you.


We make money
by making money for you

Bored of Advisors works for well known start-ups such as Our/Amsterdam Vodka,,, Clean Meals and Fitchannel. By joint ventures, equity deals, monthly fees or revenue shares. We adjust our own business model to what works for you as long as it is simple.