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Bored of Advisors is a spin-off of Amsterdam based advertising agency NOISE. We like to call ourselves a startup studio, as we develop raw business concepts into fully operational startups. Concepts with a solid, sustainable business model are rapidly prototyped in order to determine their true potential. After serious testing, evaluation, and optimization, viable concepts are launched. Sometimes partnered with well known existing brands, as part of an ad campaign. Sometimes as a joint venture with other companies or investors. Once proven successful the startups are transformed into stand-alone companies. Take a look at our current projects below.


A vodka joint venture.


Together with Pernod Ricard, Bored of Advisors is setting up a microdistillery in Amsterdam, to make Our/Amsterdam vodka. It's an exciting venture, as it delicately combines local entrepreneurship with a global vision. We jumped at the chance to make something with our blood, sweat, and tears in the city we love.

Our/Vodka is different. It's a global vodka made by local partners in cities all over the city. They partner up with local people who love their city, and together create local micro distilleries. The first one was opened in Berlin in March 2013 as Our/Berlin and was an immediate success.
Since then, local partners have built distilleries in Detroit, Seattle, London, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. Miami, Houston and New York are currently under construction and will open this year.

Our distillery with tasting room is located at Helicopterstraat 32, Amsterdam. Over there we have been distilling, bottling, and distributing our very own Amsterdam take on Our/Vodka. So pay us a visit or try & buy Our/Amsterdam in 1 of the over 100 outlets that sell us in Amsterdam. You can also order on our website or even at Schiphol where we can be found in the duty free shops.


Your Music.
Your Vinyl.


Vinylify is an online service that enables, anyone, anywhere, to create and order their own personalized vinyl record online in a few steps, using a streamlined tool. Vinylify has made the process simple. Customers can create their customized track list by uploading their own music or by selecting tracks from the online catalog. Of course vinyl isn't vinyl without great cover art, so customizing the album cover is also an option. Vinylify then cuts the vinyl by hand in the heart of Amsterdam, presses the covers, and ships it to its customers, wherever they are in the world. Personalized vinyl records have never been more accessible.
After a successful launch in the Netherlands in 2014, Vinylify broadened its horizons and started making vinyl on demand for the international market in 2015. Vinylify has been growing ever since. Order your own unique vinyl record now via


Dynamic Personalised Video


Furious Video is all about making video smart. In the age of personalisation, there's a need and want for combining video content and customer data on all customer touchpoints. We are able to create dynamic, personalised video for advertising campaigns, content platforms, emailings and customers service.
We have developed state of the art technologies that are able to integrate customer data in video, optimising video content and rendering video at lightning speed. Without manual editing, viewable on all devices, from desktop to mobile.
More info on www.f​

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