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Bored of Advisors is a spin-off of Amsterdam based advertising agency NOISE. We like to call ourselves a startup studio, as we develop raw business concepts into fully operational startups. Concepts with a solid, sustainable business model are rapidly prototyped in order to determine their true potential. After serious testing, evaluation, and optimization, viable concepts are launched. Sometimes partnered with well known existing brands, as part of an ad campaign. Sometimes as a joint venture with other companies or investors. Once proven successful the startups are transformed into stand-alone companies. Take a look at our current projects below.


A vodka joint venture, together with Pernod Ricard


Our/Vodka is different. It’s a global vodka made by local partners in cities all around the world. They believe in local power and supporting the neighborhood. Therefore they partner up with local people who love their city. Together they create local micro distilleries. The first one was opened in Berlin in March 2013 as Our/Berlin and was an immediate success. After that, Pernod Ricard, the company behind Out/Vodka, was ready to take the world by storm.
Local partners are now building distilleries in Detroit / New York / Los Angeles / Seattle / London / Amsterdam. For Amsterdam, Pernod Ricard partnered up with Bored of Advisors. We have already found a fantastic building and are now working on all the permits necessary. If all goes as planned, end of 2014 we will be distilling, bottling, and distributing our very own/Amsterdam take on Our/Vodka, made with local ingredients.


A startup, improving customer surveys


While creating/crafting new concepts, we at Bored of Advisors always need to prototype and test. Usually/Normally we do panel research before our first build and evaluate our prototype with online surveys. However, we kept feeling that we were missing input and needed a cost effective means to get better insights. This is why we started Remotelab. Remotelab combines the strengths of panel research and online surveys. Additionally, you can easily use it wherever and whenever you are.
Just define the survey questions and your research audience. We’ll make sure our panel members all over the world engage with you/it. Their input and video content are automatically analyzed and merged into one great report showing both data and emotion. Remotelab is ready for launch in the last quarter of 2014.

A startup, bringing vinyl to the digital age


Music streaming services are great, however they’ve taken away the physical beauty of music. When was the last time you gave music as a present to your friends? Don’t you miss the feeling of holding the cover of a new album? Luckily, Bored of Advisors have found a way to make your music tangible again by introducing a new concept, Vinylify! Vinylify enables you to listen to your favourite tracks on old-school Vinyl. Of course in a paper sleeve with your own personalised artwork.
Select tracks in the order you want, upload your artwork and in just a few days your own 10-inch Vinyl will be delivered to your door step. If you have a record payer, start spinning the old way. Otherwise just point your mobile to your record and start streaming digitally like you’re used to nowadays. In the Netherlands, Vinylify partnered with Grolsch. Together we launched “Brouw Je Eigen Plaat”, an online service and physical store in Amsterdam where you can create your own vinyl records.

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